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Case Studies

Michigan Trade Mission to India, 2018

In 2018, a multi-sector trade delegation visited different states in India, such as New Delhi, Bangalore, Pune and Mumbai from the US, and comprised of nine companies located in the State of Michigan, USA. Automation Alley and Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) led this, which helped Michigan-based companies expand sales into new markets.

Being the India representative, Team India Global Services (TIGS) worked on scheduling the business meetings with the Indian companies such as manufacturing companies, importers, dealers, distributors, etc.

TIGS has arranged 100+ business meetings, business briefings and networking reception during the visit as each company had different schedules as per their business needs and were targeting different companies according to their product portfolio. Because of TIGS's tailor-made services, the Michigan companies could target India as an export destination for their products and increase their sales revenue in the future.

The TIGS travel team successfully managed the logistics and travel arrangements, including airport pick-up and drop, hotel bookings, a site-seeing trip to Agra, ground transportations, domestic flights, etc. Trade Missions like this help establish strategic relationships between the US and the Indian companies, which in turn grow exports from the US to India.

Company Name: Honey Sweetie Acres

Sector: FMCG

Country: USA

Honey Sweetie Acres is an Ohio, US-based manufacturer that offers goat milk skincare and nature-based products such as natural soaps, lotions, etc.

Honey Sweetie Acres had signed an agreement with an Indian importer appointing them as their exclusive sales partner to cater to the Indian market. The company wanted to conduct due diligence to verify whether the information provided by the Indian importer was genuine.

TIGS reached out to the Indian regulatory authorities to understand the entire registration process required by a US cosmetic company to export their products to India. Further scrutinized each certificate issued by the importer to the Ohio company. Importer's financials, director's credentials, etc., were reviewed. Did a recce of the importer's office address and warehousing locations; however, no existence of the importer was found.

TIGS conducted thorough background research on the Indian importer and submitted a detailed report to Honey Sweetie Acres. Post that, the Ohio company did not pursue further with the Indian importer regarding the export of their soaps and discontinued the engagement.

Company Name: BiOWiSH Technologies

Sector: Chemicals and Fertilizers

Country: USA

BiOWiSH Technologies is a biotechnology company offering innovative biotechnology solutions for the aquaculture, agriculture, and environmental management industries. The company offers advanced microbial solutions to restore quality in the world’s polluted waters and safely increase crop production. In the agriculture market, they help farmers sustainably increase crop production.

BiOWiSH wanted to understand the registration process for products such as bio-stimulants in India and how they can conduct B2B business in India. The company wanted to gain insights regarding step by step process of getting the registration done in India before entering into the Indian market. BiOWiSH also wanted to know what documents are required by the Ministry of Agriculture & Farmer’s Welfare and Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers to register Bio-stimulants in India.

TIGS team reached out to the Indian regulatory offices to seek answers regarding the queries raised by BiOWiSH. We understood the process created a detailed report that mentioned all the desired information and the entire process and steps for the company to register its products for the Indian market.

Company Name: Hartzell Hardwoods Inc.

Sector: Wood

Country: USA

Hartzell Hardwoods is a leading producer of top-quality thick lumber based out of Piqua, Ohio, USA. Hartzell Hardwoods offer hardwood lumber of random widths, lengths, and thickness. Major species include walnut, white oak, and red oak.

TIGS team did a detailed market research on the timber industry and furniture industry in India. The company was looking for importers and new customers to export lumber in the Indian market. We reached out to the Furniture, Hardwood flooring, and wooden door manufacturers in India and gained insights into their interest in Hartzell Hardwoods lumber.

TIGS targeted 150 importers, customers who can be the company's potential buyers in the future. Out of those 25 Qualified Contacts expressed interest to import lumber from the US. Many of the importers provided the industry feedback for not being interested in importing US woods in India.

We arranged conference calls between the Indian importers and Hartzell so that they could start exporting lumber from the US to the Indian market.

TIGS submitted a detailed report to Hartzell Hardwoods and facilitated trade opportunities to grow exports.

Company Name: Ohio Lumex Co., Inc.

Sector: Machinery and Equipment

Country: USA

Ohio Lumex is a leader in providing environmental testing products and services for companies from different industries such as power plants, oil & gas, agriculture and cement. The company is involved in designing, manufacturing, and distributing state-of-the-art Continuous Emissions Monitors (Hg, CO, CO2, NOx, and O2), Sorbent Trap Sampling Systems, and Optical Oxygen Sensors.

Ohio Lumex wanted to understand the necessary certifications and regulatory process for their environmental testing products in India to register their products to be sold in the Indian market.

TIGS connected with the concerned pollution control authorities at the central and the state level to understand the regulatory process for Ohio Lumex in India. This way, we assisted them in gaining valuable insights in understanding the regulatory process for them for the country.

Company Name: Prolim Global

Sector: Technology

Country: USA

Prolim is located in Michigan, USA, offering various products and services, including CAD, CAM, PLM, engineering, IT and IoT.

Prolim joined the India delegation in 2018 led by Automation Alley and supported by Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) USA. TIGS arranged a customized itinerary for them and arranged 16 meetings with potential customers in New Delhi, Bangalore, Pune and Mumbai within a week.

Prabhu Patil, CEO, Prolim, was very sceptical about TIGS's capabilities to help the company expand sales in India. He registered for the delegation and was surprised with the outcome. Post delegation, they opened new sales and service office in New Delhi. Prolim received its first order at its new sales office within three months. The company’s expected growth is US$1 million in the first year and then by at least 30 percent annually.

Company Name: Accelerant Technologies LLC

Sector: Power

Country: USA

Accelerant Solutions is a training consulting company providing a wide variety of consulting services, performance improvement tools and management level support to help companies maximize their performance in the nuclear power sector. The company works with major American utilities that operate nuclear power plants and offers innovative tools and products that promote safe and reliable nuclear power operations worldwide.

TIGS team assisted Accelerant in understanding the nuclear power sector in India. It reached out to the respective regulatory agencies, power producers to understand how foreign players or third-party companies can offer consulting services to the nuclear power sector in India.

Connected with the right contacts within the organizations and made them aware of the Accelerant services. TIGS acted as a bridge between the company and the Indian side, which helped the US company connect with the concerned authorities to do business in India.

Company Name: The Energy Industries of Ohio (EIO)

Sector: Energy

Country: USA

The Energy Industries of Ohio is a not for profit organization based out of Independence in Ohio, USA. Their mission is to develop, demonstrate, and incubate technologies that will improve the competitiveness of the Ohio industry through increased energy efficiency, reduced operating costs and improved environmental performance.

Mr Purgert, President, EIO, has visited India many times since 2017, representing the Advanced-Ultra Super Critical (AUSC) US consortium along with Electric Power Research Institute. TIGS team arranged high-level meetings with the Indian AUSC consortium to facilitate discussions between the US and India power sector. Met with Indian power sector government and private companies, energy supply chain producers such as casting manufacturers, arranging visits to power plants, regulatory agencies, etc.

Because of these visits, US and India have strategic dialogues continuing for the use of high-level alloys in the Indian power plants.

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